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Banging In The Studio

In this episode of Shawna and LaLa, there’s some banging going on in the studio… What could it be?

Also in this episode Bianca Ryan from America’s Got Talent joins us and upcoming artist Erin Bowman.

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Call To Honor

In this episode the girls discuss Memorial Day, and fans write in to honor their loved ones in the military who are no longer with us.

Shawna and LaLa wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.  Please take time to remember those who fought for our country.

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Goin’ Country with Hunter Hayes

In this episode the girls talk about their Easter and LaLa explains how her mother-in-law was attacked by an unthinkable object, Shawna talks to Country music star Hunter Hayes about his work with Warrior Canine Connection, and LaLa fills Shawna in about Snapchat and what its good for.  It all happens here at


The Crappy Day at Work

In this episode Shawna and LaLa answer an email about a really “Crappy” subject. Also the girls discuss whats happening in the world and the news along with a brand new Blue Line Hero Time. It’s Shawna and LaLa on the radio, assuring you don’t have a “Crappy” week.